This Is How We Work

We are a staging team like none you have worked with before. We act as both home stagers and home managers. We live very lightly in the property and keep it sparkling and ready for a showing 7 days a week. When you have a showing, the lights are all on, the home looks and smells fresh and your brochures are prominently displayed. Most importantly, your prospective buyers just see a home that “looks like a wealthy family lives here comfortably” in the words of one of our happy clients. For all this, we have no monthly fee. Simply pay our move-in expenses and our services remain at no charge until the home sells. And sells quickly- for the past 7 years, every property we’ve occupied has sold within 3 months of our moving in, regardless of how many years it had been on the market prior. If you have a luxury property in the Denver area, either vacant or paying monthly for staging, we can help. Reach out for more information. randyjdenver@

Here’s WHY We Do This

People sell their homes for many reasons. Whatever the reason, it’s generally best when the property sells quickly. We all know the stress that can come when a property lingers on the market far longer than expected. One of our favorite clients was in that position. He had been paying $3000/ month for rental staging for nearly a year. He had purchased a new home and was carrying both mortgages, waiting to begin enjoying his retirement. When we moved into the home it was Thanksgiving week. It looked so good that I told him that I was sure that by Valentines Day, we’d be on to our next project. He didn’t believe me, but I was right. 3 months later he had accepted an offer and the house that had been a burden was now behind him. We’re still friends to this day with many of our clients for this reason. We’re here to help. When prospective buyers come into our staged properties, it’s not the decor that sells the home – it’s the warmth, the intangible feelings that only a comfortably lived in home can convey. This is our strength – let us put it to work for you.

Great Feedback From A Buyers Agent

The property we’ve been staging has come under contract. Something we’re used to and we help facilitate the painless transition from one homeowner to the next. At the inspection this week the realtor who represents the new homeowner learned that the property was staged. She requested our contact information and I had a great conversation with her today. She told me that of all the homes she presented to her buyers, ours was always the most spotlessly clean and ready for her showings. They visited our property 3 times over the course of a month while making their decision. They never had an inkling that the property was staged. It was assumed that the homeowner family was living in the property. With our service there is no reason for a potential buyer to think otherwise. We’re your secret weapon in helping you sell your property

Our Current Staging Project Sold After Just THREE Showings Once We Moved In (it had been on the market for 2 years vacant)

Once again, we’ve assisted a home to sell in about 3 months. This property had been on the market for 2 years, vacant. The homeowner didn’t believe when we told them that most likely it would sell in about three months, but this is what we do. The home looks comfortably lived in because it IS. Prospective homeowners see how comfortable the home is and know how comfortable they’ll be if they choose this property. That’s why we say “Staging Works. LiveIn Staging Works Better”

Staging your home with us is just so easy

We have no monthly fee. Simply pay a one time move-in charge, usually under $8K. This covers our service until your home sells. We have over $250,000 worth of luxury furniture, original art, antiques, rugs and accessories that will allow your home to appear as though “A wealthy family lives here comfortably “, in the words of a happy client. We live lightly in the property, treating it as our own. We keep it clean and ready for a showing 7 days a week. Most importantly, the potential homeowner sees a lived in home, not a “staged” vacant property that smells closed up. Our style of decor will make the home appear comfortably livable, so your viewers can envision themselves in the surroundings. When your home sells, all we ask is ample notice to find a new staging property. Find out for yourself how easy we are to work with. Many of our past clients are happy to answer questions and share their successful experiences. Email randyjdenver at yahoo dot com for more information.

More Kind Words From Happy Clients

One of the reasons we exist is to help people to sell a home that has been on the market for longer than expected. Once we get moved in, Timothy has a talent for making the property feel warm, inviting and comfortable. His designs are never cold, trendy or predictable. As such, prospective buyers see a home they could feel comfortable living in. Reach out for more information.

Setting New Records in Assisting Property To Sell

If you’ve been following us for any time, you know that we specialize in moving into properties that have been on the market either vacant or paying for rental furniture staging for 2 years or more. For the past three years our average stay in a property before it sells had been 99 days. This current property was on the market for 2 years, paying thousands per month for low quality rental furniture staging. When the homeowner and realtor realized that we bring over $250,000.00 worth of luxury furnishings and original artwork to the property, for just a one time move in fee and no monthly charge, it was an easy no brainer decision. They now say it was one of their best decisions also, because after only 88 days, the home is under contract. You’ll see that we’re incredibly talented at making a home feel warm, inviting and easy to enjoy. As one happy client said, “You just make my home look like a wealthy family lives here comfortably.” And your prospective buyers see just that. We’re currently available for our next project. If you’ve got a luxury property above 6000 square feet, now is the time to get us in. These windows of opportunity are short lived. Get us in your property and see for yourself the difference LiveIN Staging makes. Email randyjdenver at for more information.